X-Panda Studio Diary #2 – Bass Recording (Subtitles)

So, how was it?
-Good! -Shit A few questions-
What is going on? How’s it going? Can’t hear you,
I’m wearing headphones Laughing (in Latvian) The day has turned into night It seems we’ve finally found
the bass sound for this song The working title of the song is:
Irish without Irish To get a good bass sound You need to turn on all of these pedals And all the knobs are at 11! Also- all of the buttons
on the two amps are maxed One of the amps isn’t on, but still!! Also the mic preamps
are turned to max The bass player
is also maxed out! (Laughing in Latvian again) Gloria, our manager…please! A quick interview:
What are we doing? Why are we doing it?
And…. why? We’re tuning the tlactol What are we doing?
– Tuning the tractor Working hard (Kaarel talking to himself) (Kaarel still talking…) The fart of the Valvedrive
is disturbing me (Kaarel continues talking to himself) Good Let’s do the middle part now That’s it! Let’s try
-That was easy What?
-Changing the sound So…
(Where do I start?) Let’s go
-I’ll try Thanks
It’s cool, don’t you think? It’s like you’ve played it before Good job! Straght A student If you think it’s ok
-Yes Let’s continue with other endeavors Good friends- it’s time
for the last riff of the day Here it is!
Press the number 3, please! Is it out of tune? Well…
Don’t know what to say (Laughing in Latvian again) I think it was tuned perfectly
and it sounded like a sine wave My heart’s beating sine waves

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