X Panda Studio Diary #5 Choir Recording (Subtitles)

At the moment we’re recording the choir parts
for the X-Panda’s new album Let’s go and see,
how’s the mood in the Control Room Kaarel Tamra is
recording the choir And I’m quite certain that our
manager Gloria is laying on her side I was right! What previous part? Agony
Emphasis on the word agony! Pre-death agony.
Lets go! Pre-death agony take five Don’t keep the note so long But actually, It should be without rhythm.
Bend those notes freely I’ll give you an example Rhythm-free pre-death agony So, this is the mood
in the Control Room Let’s see how the choir sings This is our accompanist,
Mr. Tamar Nugis It seems he’s not
well acquainted with this job It was already pretty good,
1, 2, GO! Let’s organize
the ending of the bar 58 1, 2 and off on the third All at the same time! Altos and tenors… So, everyone’s working No joking.
Only serious work I’m the only one keeping up the mood,
because my job is really easy How’s it going?
-Badly, thanks for asking! What’s wrong?
– Look, Gloria has fallen again That’s all she ever does! Terrible! This way the CD
will never be ready Stop acting,
you’re the same! How are you doing?
-Great! Great!
Very Good! Kaarel?
-No mood at all! (Suddenly-Wild Go Pro appears) I didn’t do anything!

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