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The characters and scenes
in this movie are not… …meant to demean ancient
writings of any religion… …and are purely fictional. Oh dear! Please don’t push me. Looks like you’ve
completed nine months. No, l’m just in my eight month. There’s still one month left. l didn’t ask your delivery date. l meant, is it necessary
to stand in this queue with… …so many people pushing
you to watch this movie? Please put some sense into her.
She doesn’t listen to me. She put her foot down
and brought me to this movie. l need to put some
sense into you first. lnstead of making
her stand in the queue… …why don’t you go
and get the tickets? lt’s easy for you to say that.
Just look there. l will be dead if l go there. She will lose her husband
but you’ll be fine. Lord Yama! Oh no! lt’s so unpleasant
to hear you. Speak softly. Hey, l’m Lord Yama! Chandram master! You? No, l’m Jayaprada. l felt
like watching a movie with you. So, l discarded the sari
and came in a shirt and trousers. Watch the movie, not me. l have a small doubt. What is that? Do you follow equality
before law here? Listen, l’m in pain. Yes, when you watch
NTR’s movie… …your hands are bound
to pain with all the clapping. Not that pain. These pains? lt is just
your eighth month, isn’t it? Oh dear! Somebody please help. Come, tie a screen. Oh God! No, not my dhoti. He has nothing inside. What’s the use of having it anyway? l will never become pregnant.
Shut your mouth and go out. Please be careful. Okay. Chandram, don’t worry.
Nothing will happen. She is in labor inside.
How can nothing happen? Who are you? l’m Subramaniam, your neighbor. ABODE OF WlND Listen, you have a baby boy. l knew it when you pulled
that man’s dhoti… …l knew it was a sign
for a baby boy. Why is he so quiet? He came here before
his time, didn’t he? So, he might be
wondering where he is. Just a minute.
l’ll show you. This will be your
plight all your life. ABODE OF WATER ABODE OF FlRE ABODE OF lNDRA What is this chaos?
What is happening here? Kubera! Why do we
have a natural disaster? Are the Gods of Wind,
Fire and Rain… …fighting among
themselves for Rambha? l don’t know, Lord. God of Wind, why are you upset? l’m not upset.
l was driven here by the wind. What is happening here, Lord? Even though we are sitting
at home with no work… …our own powers
are turning against us. l don’t know what’s wrong. lf l stand up, l might
be thrown into another world. One thing is clear. A disaster has been created
that will ruin us very soon. Since our own powers
are turning against us… …l think Lord Brahma gave
our duties to someone else. There’s no doubt about it
Only he can do that. Let’s go and ask him. Lord Brahma,
how can you be so indifferent… …when we are faced
with such danger? He did what he wanted
to and got the desired results. Now even thorns will be
like a bed of roses for him. God of Wind! Why are you
hurling accusations at me? Accusations? You should’ve told us,
if you had anything against us. lnstead, you gave our
powers to somebody else. We should know
where we went wrong. God of Rain! Shut your taps. Your sins are not
responsible for this chaos. There was a small mistake
in my administration. Narayana!
Greetings to the father! Father! What are
we facing this distress? l’ll break your teeth,
if you make me angry. lnstead of using your
spare time for good work… …you caused all this trouble
with your useless talking. Just look at the confusion
in all the worlds. What did l do, father? You didn’t do anything, son.
You made me do it. Narayana! My greetings
to father and mother. Father looks busy with
some mindboggling matters… …concerning the administration
of his duties. Yes, son. l’m writing the destinies
of Telugu movie poets… …and their works that
need to be sent to the Earth. We need to send them
for their deliveries. l have a small doubt.
Will you clear it for me? No, son. l don’t want
to rattle my brains after that. l know you very well.
Let me do my work. You may go. My doubt is about your work, father. What do you mean? You’ve created many
great poets like… …Acharya, Athreya,
Veturi and Sinare with your pen… …and caused them
to write amazing songs… …and entertain millions of people. Even though your
pen is so talented… …why did you never
pen a song for your wife? lf you write just
one song for my mother… …l’ll see the happiness
in her eyes. You can come to see
that when l’m free. l’m not without any work like you.
You may leave. Listen to me, Sarasu. Sarasu… Your happiness is
going to cost me a lot. Sarasu, your mouth looks
sweet when you are angry. l’ve nothing left but
an angry mouth and runny nose. Sarasu, will you be happy
if l sing a song for you? Will you rob my heart…? Will you rob my heart, my dear lady! l’ll keep you safe in my eyes, my dear lord! The flower hit him and
he was born without a destiny. He is immortal if he is
born without a destiny, right? Yes, and he has powers equal to us. Whatever he wishes with his
heart will definitely come true. Then we’ll be ruined.
lf this is the case when he is born… …what will happen
when he finds out he has powers? Narada! Give me
those wooden pieces. For what? To sing hymns. Was that a joke? This is what happens,
when you forget your duties… …and get busy romancing your wife. Look at him, Narada. Earlier, lndra used
to be afraid to look at me. But now he is poking fun at me. You caused this. You will… Calm down, father. Since l created the problem,
l’ll give you the solution. What is that? You create humans.
But who takes away their life? Lord Yama!
He will help us correct this problem. God of Wind! Bring Lord Yama
to me immediately. Okay. God of Wind! Are you deaf? You were asked to bring
Lord Yama not Chitragupta. Lord Yama refused to come. He sent a message with me
that he won’t come. He refused to come? That’s what l said.
You will have to… Chitragupta! He asked you to resolve
your own problems. Bye! Calm down, father. l know very well how to
bring Lord Yama to our feet. Now this problem belongs
to Lord Yama, not us. That premature baby will
be Lord Yama’s nightmare. YAMA lNCARNATE – Good morning, sir.
– Good morning. Naresh! Yes, ma’am. You are a teacher’s son. Aren’t you ashamed
to get a zero in your test? No, you didn’t give me marks. l wrote correct answers
to all the questions. What is that correct answer? That l don’t know. You! Why are you screaming? You’ll understand the pain
if someone does that to you. Mine will go farthest. Mine will go even farther. Mine will go way ahead! Look! lt’s drizzling it might
start raining heavily. Yes, when skin touches
skin in the rains… …your desire for love,
becomes even more, come. Naresh… Why are you crying?
Can’t you pee like me? No, Bet Raja took away
all my money. Really? Come with me. Why is it not raining? Why does rain water taste
like salt water? ls it… Gross! l said we’ll go to a movie. But you brought me
to into these bushes. Bet Raja, bet!
Two for one, four for two! You’ll lose a single or
win a double! Bet Raja, bet! One rupee on Sridevi. One rupee on Sridevi! Sridevi won! Bet Raja, bet! Again Sridevi! 6 for 3! Keep them right there. Bet Raja, bet!
Two for one, four for two! Again Sridevi! Bet Raja, bet! Bet Raja, bet! Again Sridevi! Bet Raja, bet! Bet Raja, bet! Again Sridevi! Bet Raja, bet!
There’s a stone in my throat! Take all the money.
Take it all away. How did Sridevi
come so many times? Anyone will come if l call
even Sridevi. Who are you? l’m Sridevi. You called me
just now, didn’t you? – Did l call you?
– Yes. Okay, come again after 5-6 years. – Why?
– Then l’ll have a moustache. ‘Do you think he’s
writing some lAS exams?’ ‘Not at all lntermediate, Batch No. 2002.’ ‘Now 2012.
Headache of the home.’ ‘Talk of the whole town.
He’s Mr. Naresh.’ Did our son pass the exams?
l’ll make pudding. Forget pudding
give him some poison. Pathetic! Did he fail again, uncle? There’s no chance of me failing. l wrote well. Maybe it’s a mistake. Dad, see the numbers
before and after my number. Why? Did you copy
from their papers? No, they copied
from my paper. Even they have failed. Thank God!
Even they have failed, right? You fool! You should
have completed it in 2 years. But instead you’ve
settled down there. All your classmates went
ahead and got good jobs. Forget about them, dad. l’ll kill you if you try
to play your tricks before me. Give me one more. Eat, my boy. How can you eat when
l’m scolding you like this? Mom made such delicious
breakfast that… …even your scolding
is not spoiling the taste. Why are you scolding
this little boy? – ls he a little boy?
– Yes. lf we had got him married
he would’ve given birth… …to ten more useless
fellows like himself. Ten? Come on, dad.
You are embarrassing me. You have no shame!
When will you change? You just roam around
with those useless people… …in the name of dramas,
the whole day. Pathetic! Don’t worry about him.
Just wait and watch. One day he’ll definitely
make you proud. He is becoming irresponsible
because of your love. – Brother!
– Yes? – l have a small doubt.
– Go ahead. We both are born to the same mother. Then why are you black
and why am l fair? l’ll break your bones if
you mess with ancient writings. ls that the way to apply lipstick? l’m Sita, not Hanuman.
Do it correctly. Stop! What is he doing?
ls he painting my wife’s face… …or, is he trying to impress her? He hasn’t even got his first beard. ls there no limit
for your suspicions? l’ll be in trouble
if she crosses her limits. She is not your wife
so it’s easy for you to say. We can never trust
these drama people. Narayana! Man, how are you
related to that woman? l’m her laundry man!
She is my wife, so what? l had a doubt. Did she give you the rights
to doubt as well? What’s up? My doubt is…
is Sita really your wife? Or, is she the wife of
Rama that is sitting there? You are saved because
you are in Lord Krishna’s getup. Didn’t l tell you she’s my wife? Don’t be upset.
Looking at the situation here… …l thought he’s her husband. lf you peacefully clear my doubt,
l’ll be grateful to you. Okay, how should
l clear your doubt? You go and ask her to come home. lf she agrees, she’s your wife.
lf she doesn’t agree… l’ll skin her
if she doesn’t agree. Let’s go home. Why should l come
whenever you call me? l have a drama.
l won’t come, you go home. Let’s go. l won’t come. How dare you refuse? – l said l won’t come.
– Let’s go. – l won’t come.
– Let’s go. Did you see? What? Sita is gone? How?. Yes, her husband
forcefully took her home. l meant, what will we
do without Sita’s character? l’m here. Narayana! Look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll be like a devil,
if you dress up as Sita. Narada’s character was
not there in this episode. Then who is he? Why do you care?
l have many girls like… …Rambha, Urvashi and
Menaka to do that role. Now l got it. Looking at your getup,
l thought you were an actor. But now l know you have
many kinds of businesses. Narayana! l’m speaking
of actresses in my drama group. l see. Oh! Drama group is a facade
for your actual business. Why don’t you believe me? Okay, call her. You call her. Won’t she come if you call? l don’t want to interfere
in your business. lt will be better if you call her. Okay, dial the number. There’s no need for that.
Just close your eyes… …call out for Yamaja
sincerely and wholeheartedly… …and she’ll come to
you no matter where she is. What is he saying? Really? Okay, l’ll try. ls she really a girl? Wait, let me check. Who are you? You are Laxmana. You shouldn’t look
at Sita in that way. Can you look at her in that way? l’m Rama. By the way, where is that
man that brought her? You are not an ordinary man. l don’t know
where you found her. But the girl is really beautiful. She appeared here with
costumes when l called her. Did you set this up
in advance? lt’s my duty to start
the drama at any cost. What? l meant you should start it. Are you starting a family
instead of starting the drama? Audience! Silence! Silence! Silence! How long? ‘Sita’s Wedding’ drama
will start in a few seconds. Lift the curtains first. The first participant
to break the bow is Ravanasura. l’ll break the bow. Are you drunk? l would’ve come in
the correct way if l was drunk. Hi! How are you? Oh God! Save me! The bow is so heavy.
Someone save me. This is crushing me. Come, and lift it up. Kiran! Why did you
make the bow so heavy? Ravanasura would’ve
died if not for Rama. Even this is heavy
l’ll talk to you… …when you come to
pay me this evening. Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world…
and beloved consort of Janaki. Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world…
and beloved consort of Janaki. Welcome to you, the glorious ruler! Sri Rama who gives pleasure to the world…
and beloved consort of Janaki. Welcome to you, the glorious ruler! Naresh! The response
to the drama was amazing. Here is your money
and your wife’s money. l thought you had no hair.
Did you lose your brain too? l don’t have a wife, do l? The girl that played Sita’s role. All the viewers felt
that she was your wife. They even asked for
rice grains to bless you. Really? You should’ve
organized a feast for them. You think l’ll reduce
the amount if you flatter me? You’ll start dressing up
like a woman if l kick you hard. Give that to me. Husband! l’m talking to you, husband. Are you still in the character? Where is that clown
that brought you? l don’t know how much he asked for. Take these 1,000 rupees. What? lt is actually 800 rupees. But since your figure
deserves a better figure… …l gave 200 rupees extra.
Have fun. Husband! What? You feel 1,000 rupees are less? Take another 100 rupees.
l can’t give you anymore. What do you want? l want you, husband. Why are you calling me that?
Am l your husband? You married me here
before the five elements. This is a stage, not real life. Even life is a stage, isn’t it? Don’t use stupid logics.
Why are you following me? Actually, l should blame
that stupid broker. ‘l have many girls like
Rambha, Urvashi, Menaka…’ There’s no doubt
that this is his doing. He left her to me and disappeared. My life will be ruined
if l don’t deal with this carefully. Won’t you leave me? A wife follows her husband, doesn’t she? Really? Husband! Husband! Why is she following me
like a TV reporter? Wait, husband! Wait, husband! Husband! Wow! You run quite fast. A thief that’s in form, right? What did you steal? A chain? No, Russia. Was that a joke? Does the great stage artist
Naresh look like a thief? You look like
a thief from all angles. Look, artists like me
are like that water. We look like the character,
the audience imagines. Let me give you an example. Since you are a policeman,
l look like a thief to you. lf you are a doctor,
l will look like a patient to you. Husband! Since she is my wife,
l look like a husband to her. – Let’s go.
– Yes. Wife and husband. Thank God l’m saved. Let go off my hand. l like this, husband. l feel like my hand is in acid.
Let go off me. Shall we play a game now? But we played a game earlier. This is another game.
Close your eyes. Count from 1 to 10
and open them. What then? l’ll tell you.
First close your eyes. Okay. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10. Finally l got rid of her. l need to relax immediately. Cheers! What? You needed a whole
night to finish a beer earlier. Today you finished it in one sip.
Did he bite you? The girl that played
Sita’s role in the drama… …thinks that she is really my Sita. That crazy girl is following me
calling me her husband. She is driving me crazy. l took a bus and fled from there. Husband! l’m your husband! Come! How did you come here
when l left you somewhere else? l followed you and got
into that strange vehicle. She’s got a great figure
even though she is crazy. She’s not a girl, she’s glue. That’s why she’s
comfortably sticking to you. Shut up! This is not a ladies bar.
You can’t be here. Shakeela House,
only for gents. Get out of here.
Ladies shouldn’t be here. Don’t listen to him. Look how they are ogling at you. l won’t go anywhere leaving you. l’m ready to die with my husband. You’ll be in trouble,
if you remain here. Still l won’t go. Super! l’ll drink this poison
and die if you don’t go. Don’t drink the whole glass. My life is useless
without my husband. Hey, that bottle costs 650 rupees. Oh dear! Hey… Oh noble man! You are my hubby.
Whether you like or not, l am your wife. Oh noble man! You are my hubby.
Whether you like or not, l am your wife. l’ve shed my shyness
and longing for you. Oh magician! Don’t bid me farewell
after garlanding me. ln any corner and nook, wherever you hide,
l’ll reach you at any how, my beloved. Wherever you hide,
l’ll seek and join you. l won’t let go whatever l wish.
l won’t leave you and go. l won’t… Oh noble man! You are my hubby.
Whether you like or not, l am your wife. Am l lusty and lofty.
Yet you avoid me. Would be a good wife
and quench your lust. Listen to me, my hubby.
Don’t ignore this hottie. Brimmed with love… Oh noble man! You are my hubby.
Whether you like or not, l am your wife. l’ve shed my shyness
and longing for you. Oh magician! Don’t bid me farewell
after garlanding me. Husband… She’s taking your name.
What does that mean? lt means she’s sleeping. You trapped her in the name of love. You caught her hand
in the name of marriage. But you left her after
your work was done, right? Do l look like a white paper… …that you can write whatever
stories you like on me? l’ll tear your face
apart with one punch! No one knows why crazy
people behave like this. Only they know of that art. lt’s better if we maintain
our distance with them. Let’s go. – Let’s go.
– Come on. He ruined the whole plan. – Hey!
– Another drink. – Listen!
– Yes? She’s a poor girl it is winter
and this is the centre. We can’t leave her here. l’ll take her to some safe place.
You go ahead. Okay. Finally he likes her.
Didn’t you get it? Husband… Sir! There’s a girl. Madam! Oh God! Why did
she come at this time? Where is madam? Not madam, sir. She’s a girl. Someone that is not used
to drinking left her here, sir. Should we take
a peg and party, sir? Well, whether you want
to party or participate… …the boss comes first
and then comes the staff. Should we call up the DGP? For what? He is boss to all of us, isn’t he? Did you lose your
brain because of lust? l meant your boss,
that’s me. Let’s take her inside
and enjoy her beauty. Husband… Husband… Oh my God! Why are you hanging
in air like batman? You came at the right time, 201. Take the girl inside and
enjoy yourself for 10 minutes. We finished just now. Thank you, sir. This is the batman story.
How is it? We got a shock just
because we touched her. She’s not an ordinary girl, sir. lf we don’t send that devoted
wife away, we’ll be dead. She’s really a devoted wife. – We’ll leave her in the temple.
– Yes. Sir, l saw her with
her husband sometime back. Who is her husband? You think l’ll give
you money if you come… …to beg wearing police uniforms? How dare you poke fun at policemen? Look there and you’ll
get the shock of your life. Oh God! Did you get a shock? Did you try to get
rid of your devoted wife? Are you a human? l’m a human, but she is not my wife. What about him? No, he’s not. ‘Since she is my wife,
l look like a husband to her.’ Naresh, l thought
you are just good on stage. But you try to fool
everyone around you, right? Husband! Let go off me. lf you try to get rid
of your devoted wife again… …l’ll file a case against
you under domestic violence… …l’ll put you behind bars
and force you to accept her. Start the car. Husband, where am l now? – On my neck.
– Huh? Husband, is this our house? lt is my father’s house. l’m entering my in-laws
house for the first time. So, l’ll put my right leg first. You don’t have to do any of that. l’ll cut your tongue
if you talk about in-laws house. Be silent. l don’t know what to tell my family. Who is this girl? Actually, you told me our maid is… …quitting work tomorrow,
didn’t you? So, l brought a new maid. But she doesn’t look like a maid. ls that because of her
dress and garland? Earlier, she worked
for a very rich family. When she quit that job,
they gave her new clothes… …put a garland around
her neck and gave a send off. Really? l’d rather believe
a thief than believing you. How can you believe me
when you don’t love mother? She is sad that
the maid is quitting. How can you talk like
this instead of comforting her? How can you irritate her
with questions like the CBl? Just to save one month’s salary… …are you ready to trouble
mom who has leg pain? Look into her eyes and tell me dad. Will you be happy
to see her in pain? Stop your dialogues. You are turning the house
into a drama scene. This Earth is a drama scene. There are no rehearsals here.
Only entries and exits. You give answers that are
not connected to my questions. And she doesn’t stop crying. l’ve had enough.
You do what you want. – Listen…
– Yes? l think your brother married
this girl in some temple. He is lying to us
that she is a maid. You think my brother
did the same mistake l did? Oh God! Mom, please don’t cry. l brought a maid for you. Dear, the old maid’s clothes
are inside. Get changed. lt’s already very late.
We have lot of work tomorrow. Go to sleep. Okay, mom. lt’s all because of this garland. Why didn’t you start
doing the household chores? What do you mean
by household chores? ls she really a servant girl? lt is new to her, mom. How can household chores
be new to a servant girl? This girl is
a thorough professional. She studies the clothes
and washes them… …without ruining their
color or the fabric. And she does all
the work with great clarity. You go inside. l’ll personally
make her do all the work. You’ve played enough
with me and them. Let’s go. Where? Are we going out? No, we are going to
do the dishes. Come on. Now do the dishes. What do you mean by that? Cleaning. What does that mean? You are acting as Cleopatra
to avoid doing dishes. l’ll show you how to do them. First, tuck that sari
at your navel. Navel? Where is that? lt is in the living room
go and get it. Wait! Do l have to
show this as well? l finished tucking the sari
now we’ll do the dishes. Doing the dishes
means to sit like this… …scrub them like this and
rinse them in water like this. – Did you get it?
– Yes. – Now do all the dishes.
– But how? Darn it! l showed you
just now, didn’t l? Why do you ask again? You showed me
how to wash that one. But you didn’t
show me this one. Give it to me. Like this. Did you get it? l don’t know how to
wash this one. – Did you get it?
– Yes. Don’t just say yes.
Do all the dishes again now. Don’t play your tricks with me Oh God! God, l cried when l was
born like every other baby. But l didn’t make you
cry by wishing for big things. l just have one simple wish. Make sure that no one
interferes in my hard work. Only then my devotion and
your power will be balanced. Hail Lord Krishna! Sir, green tea. Sir, are you taking a nap? Should l increase
the air conditioner? l’m not taking a nap.
l’m going into the flashback. Why do we want to kill him? What is the enmity
between him and us? Does he actually deserve
to die in our hands? Only when l rewind
all these facts in mind… …l’ll understand if we
need to take revenge or not. Move aside! Don’t cry! Don’t cry! – Hey!
– Yes, sir! – Come here.
– Come on. 15,000 rupees for this family
because he is still unmarried. You incapable men! This pathetic man first buys boats
insures them and… …then destroys those
boats for the insurance money. Now he has started
insuring the lives of our… …sons and husbands
for more insurance money. He is changing them into corpses. Hey, Royyala Naidu!
May you be ruined! Sir, she is cursing you. We shouldn’t worry about
the sins of fishermen… …nor the curses of sinners. What do you say, officer? Yes, but l’ll worry about them. l’ll expose all your sins very soon. This is the officer’s house, sir. Very good. Not the house.
l meant that you balanced… …my flashback time
and the traveling time… …very well with your driving. Who are you? l’m your distant brother. But l never saw you. Even l thought l’ll never see you. But your husband made me see you. ls that so? Please have a seat, brother. ls the officer not at home? He is bathing.
Will you have some tea? Green tea. That’s okay. Just bring hot water,
we have the tea bags. Okay. Anu, who was at the door? Sir is here. Why are you here? The doctor said green tea
increases your life span. Sister, bring another cup.
Even your husband will drink. Why are you here? Don’t take stress. Stress and screaming have
an ill-effect on your heart. Please sit, l’ll tell you. lt is wrong to hurt the heart, isn’t it? We’ll sit peacefully and talk. Come, dear. lt’s a personal matter.
Please go inside. We need to dip it
well and then drink it. l’m like the vast sea. You should use me
but never play games with me. l told you to enjoy life
with your wife and kids… …without interfering
in my business. But you said you’ll
drink green tea and die. What can l do? Sister, don’t let kids
touch these green tea bags. l mixed poison in them. ‘l should get rid of
her today at any cost.’ Yami, what are you doing? Husband! That man in the TV is my father. What? Collection King
Mohan Babu is your father? Her madness is worsening every day. l thought only humans
look like humans. Are there humans who
look like Lord Yama as well? This is so strange, isn’t it? Yami, you wanted to go
out yesterday. Shall we go? Go out? Are you going
to Manasa Sarovaram? That’s quite far. l’ll have to
sell my kidneys to go there. For now, we’ll go to the exhibition. What does that mean? Exhibition is a place that
has a display of variety of things. ls that so? Mother! Where are you going? l need to inform mother, right? No need. Mom and sister
went to the market. They’ll take time to come back. Should l adorn myself? You don’t have to adorn yourself. You already look like an angel. Come! Throw a ring
and get the thing! 4 for 10 and 8 for 20! Come! Throw a ring and get the thing! Husband! l want to try that. What? That man couldn’t
throw even one ring. How can you get it right? Sirs! Madam! Please come! Okay. Give me those rings. Here you go, sir. l don’t know whose face
l saw early this morning. l’ve incurred great losses. l don’t want any of these. Playing is just fun for me
but it is your livelihood. Earn some more with these things. Let’s go. – Yami!
– Yes? Will you sit in the Giant Wheel? What is that? That big wheel. Come, get in. Bye! Come with me, husband. You go round and round.
l’ll watch you from there. Really? Okay. – Bye.
– Okay. Mom, tea! Thanks, mom! You? Yes, husband. l was so sad
that you got lost there. What? l got lost? Yes. But l prayed in my
heart that your love for me… …will safely bring
you home and came back. And that came true. Keep your joy aside
and tell me this. How did you find the address
and how did you come? l just followed
the same route that we went. Darn your memory power!
Why did you come back? Responsibilities. l need to help mother
and sister at home. When father and brother
return from… …school and office,
l’ve to serve them. l need to arrange
for snacks for the kids. So l came early and
finished all the work. Did you learn to do
all this in a single day? l cannot digest that at all. – Husband…
– Stay away from me. Are you angry that l
left you there and came home? l know how to make
that anger go away. Mother, something
is happening outside. Please come quickly. – What is it?
– Come on, l’ll tell you. See for yourself. This is for you. For me? And this is for you. What is wrong with you? That girl is lovingly
feeding the kids. Why did you drag me here
as if something is wrong? Mother, she was not feeding the kids. She was planting kisses
on your son’s cheeks. – Naresh!
– Yes? ls she really a servant girl? – Why do you ask?
– l saw her kissing you. You are so funny. How can you see clearly
without your glasses? What? Am l so blind? Who are you? Your wife. l’ll kill you if you say that. l almost got into trouble. Since sister didn’t wear
her glasses, l managed it. Otherwise you would’ve
got me into deep trouble. You can’t be mad as you
talk more cleverly than me. You can’t be trapping
me for my immense wealth. Because my dad Chandram
doesn’t have any wealth. Why are you confusing
a good kid like me? What is your concept?
Why did you enter my life? Who are you? l’m Yamaja.
Lord Yama is my father. Lord Yama is your father?
Where is he? – Yamapuri.
– Oh! Where is it? Besides lndra’s world. – And where is that?
– Besides Brahma’s world. – ls Brahma your uncle?
– No, Shani is my uncle. That’s why you came
as a bad omen to me. Go inside and serve your in-laws. Okay. Oh God! She is totally crazy. l wish l meet her crazy father. Hey! l’m Yama! Yama! What? How can that be? How can this happen
to the God of Death? How can this happen
to the Ruler of justice? How can this happen
to the King of Yamapuri? Why are you ranting
these questions, Lord? Chitragupta, this is not ranting. l’m burning with anger
that my daughter went to Earth. You are worried that
she went to Earth. But did you think
about who sent her there? Who is that? None other than the man
who creates contentions. Narada. Narada? Yes. Earlier,
when Brahma requested you to… …take up the case
of a baby with no destiny… …you totally ignored him.
Did you forget that? Yes. Narada took that case up
and created trouble for you. Narada! Narayana! Narada! You… Such vulgar language?
He must’ve learnt it on Earth. Why are you hurling
abuses on me? Why did you send my darling
daughter to the Earth? You… Lord, please calm down. l can understand your anger. But understand the reason
behind my actions. lf you feel l was wrong,
you can do as you wish. Lord, l needed someone
to play Sita’s role… …to solve the problem
of that human. Sita was a very beautiful woman. l searched all the worlds
for someone as beautiful as her. There was no one
as beautiful as your daughter. He forgets the problem
when he is praised. And she got that beauty from you. lf l had sent someone else
instead of your beautiful girl… …wouldn’t that be
an insult to your beauty? So, l sent her.
Did l do anything wrong, Lord? Narada! This is not a time
to decide right and wrong. l’ve to go immediately
and bring my daughter back. l’ll see you and your father
after l return. You may go. Thank you, Lord! Narayana! – Chitragupta!
– Yes, Lord? Should l pack my suitcase? Let’s go. Wait, father! Wait! The troubles that are solved at ease.
For, you need not go in haste. To expose my strength,
a chance has come today. Everybody should praise my valour with joy. Your trait of terror
makes everyone shiver. Yama! Believe, the son of you
has that caliber. Great! Son of Yama… Son Yamaganda! To you, the Earth may
look like a ball to play with. But the humans will turn you
into a ball if you go there. Don’t forget that
you are just a lad. Father! How long will you
treat me as a kid? l’m a young man now. That’s enough. Go and play with your friends. Darn! – Chitragupta!
– Yes, Lord? Why is he upset? l did this so that
he doesn’t see sorrow at this age. Did l do anything wrong? You did everything. You did everything, father. l’ve lost enough from childhood. What did you lose? – Happiness, father.
– What? l’ve lost the smallest
of joys because of you. Have you ever asked me
what l like or don’t like? You always ask my friends
about my likes and dislikes. These fellows don’t
even understand my words. How will they understand
your words, father? Please be my friend, father. l always say that, don’t l? You are upset because
l said what you usually say. How upset l should be
if you do what l should do? l’m tasting defeat everyday
in order to give you victory. Why can’t l see my father? Father! Father! Since l still look
like a young man… …maybe l always
see you just as a kid. The fact that you spoke
so many unnecessary things… …shows that you are
a young man now, son. Go quickly and bring
your sister back. l can’t go, father. Why? Even after all this,
you are still holding my weapon. l’ll take your leave, father. Son, the Earth will be new to you. The humans will mislead you. Take Chitragupta along with you. – Chitragupta!
– Yes, Lord! Keep my son safe. l need safety when l’m with him. – l can hear you.
– Let’s go. – Chitragupta!
– Yes? What was that bird
that went so fast? That was an airplane, not a bird. Humans travel in that thing. Just like your father
travels on a buffalo Okay. l’ll take ten of them
when we return. Where will you keep them? lf we don’t get down carefully,
your head will be smashed. Yama! Here comes the Earth. Who are you guys? Hello! l’m Yamaganda.
He is Chitragupta. You saw! Lord, we landed in the wrong place. – What?
– Let’s go. She looks good. They saw! Oh God! They saw! Oh dear! She threw that at us! She is screaming
that we saw something. But l didn’t see anything. You need to be that to see it. What do you mean? – A young man.
– l am a young man. Then you would’ve seen it. – Hey!
– Keep running! Oh dear! lf you are caught
you’ll not remain a young man. She says we saw but
she is showing the whole world. She is coming behind us. We’ll hide behind this pillar. Oh God! They saw me! She’s okay from behind. Who are you? He is Yamaganda
and l’m Chitragupta. From Yama’s world. lf you perform on
stage with these getups… …people will applaud you. But if you give
performances on the road… …the same people will
chase you and beat you up. She was chasing us
because we saw something. What did you see? Wow, you fellows are lucky. Why? Because we saw? No, because you weren’t
caught by Silk Dada. Who is that? He is the husband of Silk Smitha
you saw just now. What do they say about me
and my knife in this area? They say your knife
is just a showpiece. Was that a joke? No, it’s a fact. Dada! Dada! ln which area is she now? After covering all the areas
she got tired and went home. That’s the information
we got from our sources. Silk! They saw my body that
l was guarding with my life. l didn’t even let my husband
see it properly yet. lt’s better to die than to be alive. Silk, your death won’t
solve this problem. l was talking about your death. Till you kill them,
l won’t apply oil to my hair… …or soap to my body.
That’s my promise. Silk! l’ll kill them and
apply their blood to your hair. l’ll cut out their hearts
and turn them into bath soaps. lt’s up to you where
you want to apply them. You can use this spray until then. Come on, let’s catch them. Why did you give me
an empty can, you fool? ‘Friday night at 7 pm…’ Mom, why are you both
so relaxed as if there’s no work? Yes, after this girl
came we have no work to do. At first l was apprehensive
but she finishes… …all the work as quickly as
you change the channels. Everybody is
so impressed with her. ‘Naresh! Don’t look at her navel.’ ‘That’s a very dangerous place.’ ‘Didn’t you see the movie
”Khushi”? Don’t look.’ Oh God! What is wrong with you? Nothing, mom. Holding a book and reading
a book are not the same. Don’t try to fool me
with your tricks. Thanks, dear. He gave me a headache
but your tea made it go away. l don’t know
what you put in this tea. Milk, decoction and sugar. ls that so? Not just the tea
even her hands are magical. l’ve been suffering
from leg pain for so long. She applied balm
yesterday and it vanished. What? The bottle of balm? Shut up! Dear, hold his hands
and make him write something. At least then he’ll pass
in his intermediate exams. Dad! You made me write
my first alphabets, didn’t you? ls your hand responsible
for all the exams l failed? Good news, dad! What is it? l thought the interview
will be very tough. – But it was a piece of cake.
– Very good! Which bakery did you go to? Shut up! l got
the Bank Manager’s post. – Congrats.
– Wow! Take a sweetmeat. Mom, take one. Give the kids first. Take it, dad. Give them. – Congrats.
– Thank you. Take it, son. – You too, dear.
– Thank you, daddy. You came before me
when l left this morning. lt was a good omen.
Thank you. Yes, every work will be
a success if you see her face. Congratulations to the new officer. Who are you? They call me sir. Others in the town
call me Royyala Naidu. People that trust me
call me their well-wisher. My enemies call me
a corrupt and cruel man. Please accept it. You can use this bouquet
for offering condolences as well. l’ll take your leave.
The Prawns King, Royyala Naidu. Let’s go. Prawns King?
Who was that strange man? l don’t know, dad. He was right about one thing. He is a corrupt and cruel man.
Be careful of him. Chitragupta! l’m very hungry. ls that a stomach or a dust bin? You’ve been constantly
eating since we came here. Are you being sarcastic with me? Do you expect me
to shower flowers? What did we come for
and what are we doing? l don’t care what you think.
l just love this Earth. Wow, that’s a lovely dress. By the way, what is this called? Lollypop. ls that so? Will you give it to me? You should lick it
not bite into it. So, you hold it like this and… Mom! My lollypop! What’s wrong?
What’s the matter, dear? Thief! Thief! – Who are you?
– Thief! He is running away. They think we are thieves. Come on run! Fast! He is running away. Catch him. What is this? Nobody ever ran
from me like that. What do you think is the matter? l think he is a thief. When l’m here?
They are finished! Come on! The figures are good. Let me settle here. Such a big war
for a small lollypop? He saw! He saw again! You again? Wait! Listen! He saw again! Oh God!
Tell me what l saw! Oh dear!
lt’s you! Who is he? He is the one! He was
in the bathroom the other day! How dare you see
my wife and make her run… …half naked in the city? Silk! Your promise and my revenge
will be fulfilled today. – Where is the knife?
– Here you go. No, you’ll be dead if l kill you. Yes, that’s correct. l’ll take revenge
by giving insult for insult. Only then l’ll kill you. Hey, hold this. He saw my wife half naked. Rip his clothes off and chase
him in the city. Come on, go. Oh God! What a humiliation! Did you see what l’m capable of? How can l return to Yama’s world
after this humiliation? – Silk Dada!
– Long live! – Silk Dada!
– Long live! What can l do if your wife
comes naked in my view all the time? Silk! You’ll definitely
come to hell one day. l will torture you so much
that you’ll regret this. Oh dear! Give me your leg. The rickshaw man is here.
He’s honking. Give me your leg. Mom, the shoe is biting me. What? You feel that
when you wear new shoes. You always make a scene
before going to school. Be quiet. Don’t make noise. Why is she crying? She’s playing tricks
to avoid going to school. l’ll give you a tight slap.
Come on. The shoe is biting me. Don’t cry. l said don’t cry. – lt’s hurting me.
– Bye. What is this? You can clearly
see that Royyala Naidu… …is cheating us in the name
of insurance policies. Why didn’t the previous
officers file a case? They tried doing that. That’s why they became
previous officers. And you became the new officer. Hello! What?
A scorpion bit her? You get the kids ready
for school every day, right? Don’t you have
the common sense… …to check the shoes before
making the kids wear them? Look what happened now. l should’ve known that
if l treat a servant girl… …like a family member
she’ll forget her duties. Pathetic! Don’t worry. She is out of danger.
You can see her. – Thank you, doctor.
– Thank you, doctor. What is this, Yamaja? l got the kids ready
for school today, didn’t l? Mom scolded you because
she didn’t know that. But you didn’t speak a word. When you were becoming
close to everyone… …with your goodness,
l thought l’ll lose my value. l never tried to understand you,
please forgive me. Sorry. Yamaja, why were you silent
when it wasn’t your fault? What happened today
was just a mistake. Scolding me or sister
for it would be the same. Did you feel hurt? l’m not a neighbor
to feel hurt, husband. Husband, what are you looking at? The moonlight…
lt looks beautiful, doesn’t it? Moonlight is always beautiful. But my eyes never saw
its beauty till today. Now l can see it clearly. Really? l tried to get rid of
you all these days. But now l feel l can’t lose you. Okay, tell me where you father is. l’ll call him up and say
that you’ll be with me forever. My father doesn’t have a phone. Even beggars have i-pads these days. By the way, what does your father do? He punishes the bad people. Oh, he is a judge. Now l got it. You love dramas just like me. But your father hates
them just like my father. So, one day you both
had an argument. And the next day you
ran away from home, right? Yamaja, what’s wrong? l miss my brother. That means l have a brother-in-law. He loves me very much. He can’t stay without me or food. Where is he now?. – Chitragupta!
– Yes? l love these lollypops. We’ll take 100 lollypops
when we return to Yama’s World. He’s a lollypop and
his father is a fool. l heard that. You heard it but didn’t
understand it, right? Stop your nonsense.
l need, to rest now. l’ll lie down here. This is called a road.
Vehicles and dogs run on this. l’m not scared of them. They might get scared of you
and attack your vital parts. My vital parts? ”l have what you want.” He says he has what we want.
Let’s ask him. He’s coming to us. Do you have what l need? That’s right in your mouth. l’ll break your skull. l need matches. What are matches? – Fire.
– Fire? Human, if you show us
a place to rest… …l’ll give you matches. – Really?
– Yes. There! There? Let’s go. Wait! What about my fire? That smells disgusting. Wow! – Young Yama!
– Yes? This place looks good for resting. Chitragupta! Who are they? Just as we have guards
of death in our world… …they have protective
guards in this world. Why don’t they have horns? They don’t need horns
they just need money. Oh… Chitragupta! l didn’t see
this toy in any other world. What is this? This is that man’s weapon. What does he do with it? lf you put your finger in
the ring and pull the trigger… …lots of lollypops
come out from this hole. Lollypops? Why didn’t you
tell me sooner? Chittu! These lollypops
have no taste. They taste just like grass. Who are you? Ganda! Yamaganda! What do you want? We need a place to sleep. You should be
a policeman like me… …or a criminal like him
to sleep here. Who is a criminal? A person who picks pockets,
steals chains… …does eve teasing
and kidnapping… …or at least beats up
the person before him. l like the last option very much. How dare you hit me? One, two… He’s going around like a wheel.
Blow him away. l’m the future Yama! Oh God! The same reaction. They are definitely related
to that devoted wife. Naresh! Open the door. Who are you guys? Why are you disturbing
us at this hour? Did you lose your mind
like our town’s lnspector? What did you say? Sir! How did you get hurt? Did someone get
drunk and beat you up? Or did they plant a bomb? New members of
your family entered… …and closed all
the entries of our bodies. – My family?
– Take a look. Their faces look familiar. Human, it’s us this morning
we hid behind you… …when those
people were chasing us. Will they become
my family members… …because they hid behind me? Not for hiding or
anything else. We brought them here
to avoid further trouble. l don’t care about all that. Have a look.
Do our genes match in any way? We don’t care if the jeans,
or underwear match or not. The shock treatment
that the girl gave earlier… …and the shock treatment
they gave today match. That’s why we brought them here. – Sister!
– Brother! Sister! How are you? – Brother!
– Sister! Greetings to Princess Yamaja. Enough of your greetings. Are they your family? Yes. Did you hear that?
My eyes may deceive me. But my wounded body
won’t will never deceive me. Tell me where your family
members are not there. l’ll get myself transferred there. Or the remaining parts
of my body will be transferred. l’ll take your leave. Bye. Why is he leaving? Who are these men in disguises? Are they from your drama company? No, dad. He is my brother-in-law. l mean, he is this girl’s brother. l don’t know who he is. l know. l’m Lord Yama’s right hand. Why is he talking like that? He hasn’t come out
of his character yet. l thought you were the only fool. But looks like
there are many like you. Why did they come here? For my sister. Do you have to come
at midnight to see your sister? We started this morning
in Yama’s world. But it became night
by the time we reached here. He is out of his mind. Looks like they didn’t
eat anything since morning. Dear! Take your brother
inside and give him food. Okay. Keep this mad man
out of the house. Feed him here and
make him sleep here. Come in, brother. Padma! l opened new toothpaste yesterday. But l can’t see it today. l think you need
to get your eyes tested. You fool! l said there is
no paste in this tube. Forget about the paste
that you opened yesterday. l opened a new soap
and it disappeared… …by the time l got my towel. Not just the soaps,
all the breakfast l made is gone. All the monthly groceries
in the kitchen are gone too. l think some thieves stole them. Why will those thieves
need my medicines? They took them as well. How can they rob our house
when l’m here? There’s no chance for that. Our Yamaganda did all this
not any thieves. Did he sell all those things? No, he ate them. No matter what your guest
eats at your home… …it comes under hospitality. But he even ate
the sash gourd that we hanged… …at our doorpost to save
our house from evil eyes. What is happening here? Any human will have
breakfast in the morning. Why is he eating medicines
soaps, and toothpastes? He will eat anything
as long as it is eatable. Where is that glutton? l think he has a cleaning
liquid in his hand. Sister, this is delicious. But this liquid is even better. Oh God! That is a cleaning liquid. Oh no! Did you drink that
liquid like a fruit juice? You’ll die, you fool. You’ll die. There’s no need to worry. He can eat and digest anything. – Really?
– Yes. Dear, if he continues
to stay in our house… …we’ll have to beg alms
for the rest of our lives. Send him away immediately. There’s no need for that.
l’ll leave myself. Sister, let’s go to our home. Oh no! l think he’ll end my love story. l can handle my dad later on. But for now l’ll have to make
sure this fellow stays here. Brother-in-law! You can call me with
any name you like. But l don’t want you
to call me brother-in-law. But l like you.
That’s why l brought you here… …so that you can have fun. You can buy whatever you want.
l’ll pay for it. – Listen…
– Yes? Beautiful cheeks. A delicate nose that
reddens when you smile. Lips that are like
petals of a red rose. Tiny waist that
attracts your attention. He is praising him
and touching her. Stop it…l’m nothing
like you described. He was praising your sister. Yes. Who gave you the right
to praise my sister? – You.
– Me? How?. Like that. Oh God! How does
he know my weakness? Look, you can’t
buy me with ice-cream. Won’t you eat it
if l buy it for you? No one in my family
takes a back step. Let’s go. Come on. l don’t have change, Lord. – Hey…
– Yes? You stay right here,
l need to speak to you in private. Okay. Give two ice-creams. Okay, sir. Hello! The ice-cream
should be chilled. Close your mouth,
l can see your spinal cord. You can eat as many as you want. l’ll pay you. – Okay, sir.
– Enjoy yourself. l said l’ll pay you
after he finishes eating. He finished eating, sir. That’s okay.
Give him two more. He ate all of them, sir. All? You said you’ll buy
me a big ice-cream. Why are these so tiny? Are these the ice-creams?
You deceived me. l want some more. Oh God! l need to divert
him with mind, not food. Come with me,
l’ll tell you something. Get your hands off me. Are you your sister’s only brother? l’m also the only son
to my father. So what? l think there’s one more like you. You think l’ll believe you
so easily? l trust my father. – But l don’t trust him.
– Lord Yama! l’m asking him who it is. How will l know that? He looks exactly like you,
l saw him hiding… …in that swimming, pool
after seeing you. Lord, if he is exactly like you,
he’ll come to… …ask for a share in
the kingship of Yama’s World. You saved me. l’ll bury him
in the same water right now. l’m coming for you.
Where are you? Yes! Chitragupta! – l’m coming, Lord.
– He looks exactly like me. So this is the work
that my father comes to do… …on the Earth from time to time. Hey, who are you? How dare you
talk like that to me? l’m coming to get you!
God, give me strength! Now show yourself to me. Lord, chop him up into
tiny pieces and feed the fish. Okay, Chitragupta! What? This man looks like me. He removed his cap
when l removed my cap. Lord, l think your father
and my father came to this… …Earth behind our backs
and fulfilled their desires. Now l’ll teach him a lesson. Hey! l won’t spare you. l’m my father’s favourite.
l’ll destroy you today. – l got him.
– l got him. Oh God! They saw me again! – l didn’t do anything.
– They saw me again! l’ve seen her before. Chitragupta! ls she
the same woman that… …we saw in the bathroom
and then in the shopping mall? They saw me again. You show everything to
the world and nothing to me. Go inside now. How dare you touch
my wife before my eyes? Shut up! Your wife was romancing
someone under water. We pulled her up.
He looks exactly like you. See if he is your brother. Oh God! He looks just like me. Father! When did you do this mistake? He looks exactly like me. Brother! l won’t spare
you because you are my brother. He doesn’t know that his life
will be in danger in water. But we know that. Let’s go. Finally l got a chance
to speak to you in private. l think my heart will die,
if l don’t tell this to you. l’ll tell you. l’m going to tell you. l love you. Oh girl! With pistol like body,
you shot my heart with your bullet eyes. Lost my control, baby.
My heart became holey. Oh girl! With pistol like body,
you shot my heart with your bullet eyes. Lost my control, baby.
My heart became holey. You made me feel crazy.
Touched and made me softy. Stay with me
and l’d dance in the air. l’ll be your man if l am born again.
Would pray to God for that. lf l have this pretty as my girl,
l’ll live for a 100 years. When l have this great beauty near me,
l am in a dilemma to cross beyond limits. Explore her daily,
the milky beauty is for you. Rob pleasures from me non-stop.
No restrictions for you, my beau. On her slender body
is written my name. Seeking me,
she has joined me. Stay with me
and l’d dance in the air. l’ll be your man if l am born again.
Would pray to God for that. lf you are a knife, l’ll stab myself.
Though it is pain to lose my life. l’ll fondle and care you like a baby
despite peoples gags. You’re brimming with love now.
Announce it for the people to know. lf you feel hungry,
l would offer my beauty to taste. Won’t leave you,
even if you thrash me or kick me out. l’ll stay on your forehead as Kumkum. Stay with me
and l’d dance in the air. l’ll be your man if l am born again.
Would pray to God for that. ‘After considering all these
evidences, it is proved that…’ ‘…the accused Royyala Naidu
has killed many fishermen…’ ‘…for his business.
So, under lPC sections 302 and 420…’ ‘…the accused is,
given a life sentence. They have been… Officer! l might’ve gone to the temple
a couple of times by mistake. But l’ve never been
to a court before. You forced me to come here. You handcuffed the hands
that gave you a bouquet. Time is on your side.
But l’m like a cobra. l’ll balance it out very soon. Chittu! You said we’ll
find a way to save my sister… …from that human.
But l can’t see anything here. You are fool! Finding a way is not
as easy as finding an onion. We should go stealthily
and take your sister away. There she is. Let’s go. Don’t make any noise. Come on. l’m feeling homesick. lf we travel another
100,000 kilometers… …you, me and your sister
will be in Yama’s World. – Oh no!
– What? Chittu! My sister has changed. People in love do change. You fool! She is that human’s
sister-in-law, not my sister. Let me see. Let me sleep. Why are you both besides me? You were floating in air,
so we are trying to stop you. Oh God!
Why am l floating in the air? That’s what l said.
These days it’s fashion… …to lose a lot of weight
to become size zero. What? Did l lose so much weight? Did l become a size zero? Oh God! Thank God! She fainted for good. We’ll take her down
before she wakes up. Chittu! My sister
usually sleeps here. How did she come here? She might’ve lost
interest in her husband… Sister… She felt hot inside
as there was no power. So she came and slept here. You switched off the power, didn’t you? l know that you came
here to take me back with you. But l can’t leave my husband. This is my in-laws place,
your brother-in-laws place. l won’t accept that
human as my brother-in-law. lf that’s the case
since l’m that human’s wife… …l’m not related to you anymore. Sister, don’t say that.
l won’t be able to bear that. Brother, there are inter-caste
and inter-religion marriages. ls it wrong to have
an inter-world marriage? Even though our mother
was from heaven… …she became
the daughter-in-law of Yama’s world. lf she hadn’t done that, you and l… …would never have
been a brother and sister. We wouldn’t have had
this headache as well. Brother, try to understand
your sister’s heart. Chitragupta! My sister’s happiness
is more important for me. You go back and
l’ll stay with my sister. Hey, stop chanting
your sister’s name. You’ll father will skin
you if you don’t go back. l’m Lord Yama! Are you upset? You are a man that
has no affection for anyone. Why should l listen to you? All the worlds should unite
to separate me from my sister. You can do what you want to. Even his father
didn’t abuse me so badly. What will you say now?. l have lots of lollypops. Sister, will you come
with us or not? How can l ask her that? No, l won’t come. Go and tell our parents
that l’m safe. Give that to me. Okay, sister.
We’ll take your leave. – Greetings.
– Bye! Where is your brother? l didn’t see him since morning. He had come for me. But l sent him away for you. Husband, you said you have
something important to say. l wanted to tell that to you
in this sacred place. Let’s go. Husband, what are they doing? They believe that
if they tie their desires… …in the form of
a bundle on that tree… …Goddess will fulfill them.
That’s why they are doing it. Come on. Why are you tying that bundle? You must’ve wished
for something important. Yes. l wished that my in-laws
family should be… …happy and prosperous
for all eternity. When l put this garland
in your neck that day… …you accepted me as your husband. Today l consider this
garland as a wedding chain… …and take you as my wife
before the five elements. l’ll introduce you
to my family as the… …younger daughter-in-law
of the house. Come. Greetings to my father! He entered as a comic
villain in a cartoon movie. ls he your father?
l thought he was a judge. ls he a part of our
drama company? Father, l thought graphics
are limited to movies. Do they have them
in dramas as well? Father, your entry was super. Human! Are you joking
with Lord Yama? Enough of this act now.
Get down from the buffalo. lf the Blue Cross people see you,
you’ll be in trouble. l’m Yama! Yama! Really? Have you stopped
calling yourself Lord Yama? l’m Yama! ls that
the latest trend? lt’s good. Lord Yama’s getup for your
tiny personality is very comic. You are mistaken.
My father is the real Lord Yama. l’m from Yama’s World.
l had mentioned it… …many times but
you didn’t believe me. ‘l left you far away.
How did you come here?’ ‘l followed you and got
into that strange vehicle.’ ‘That man in the TV is my father.’ ‘ls Brahma your uncle?’ ‘No, Shani is my uncle.’ Yamaja, l didn’t come to the Earth… …to prove to this foolish
man that l’m Lord Yama. l came here to take you back. Father, l can’t leave
my husband to come with you. ls that so? Father, give my Yamaja back to me. Otherwise l won’t let you go. Human! l will go up
because l’m Yama. Let’s go. NO REST FOR YAMA Hey, Human! Usually Yama
follows the humans. But why are you following Yama?
Let go off the tail! l won’t let go off the tail
if you don’t give me my Yamaja. How far will you come like that? l haven’t decided that yet. But l’ve decided that
l’ll come any distance for my Yamaja. You fool! Have you gone mad? This is love, not madness. Why will you know
about love, father? lt starts in the heart
and fills the body with power. No matter how many
villains like you attack… …love will win in the end. l don’t think
this human will let go. What should l do now? Yes, a weakness is
stronger than strength. l should attack him there. Hey, Human! l like you! l like your determination
for love and your faith in love. l’ll get my daughter married to you. But you haven’t even
passed your exams. How can l give my daughter to you? Will you get me married
to her if l pass my exams? – Okay, son.
– ls that a promise? Father! Father! Did you see how l
got rid of you? l’m Yama! You! How can you
leave me in mid air? Somebody please save me. What is this place? lt looks like a huge
set in Gunashekhar’s movie. Where is the entry
and exit for this location? Where is that voice coming from? Om! ‘Who is this solo
man in this huge set?’ This is not a marriage
to work together, son. l’m doing meditation. That’s why l came here solo. Wow! You caught my inner voice. We sages are used to doing that. Sage, where am l? You are here, son. l meant, what’s the name
of this colorful desert? This is Trishanku Heaven, son. Heaven? ls that
where Rambha, Urvashi… …and Menaka do cabaret dances? Don’t get too excited, son. That heaven and this heaven
are totally different places. This is Trishanku Heaven. There are no revelries
and parties here. Sage, l have a small doubt. You don’t have proper
transportation to come here. l caught the buffalo’s tail and came here.
What about you? That is my question.
l’m a great sage, son. l have power to come
and go anywhere l want to. There is no logic. But there is something
behind your coming here. Wait a minute. You are God’s offering, son. By God’s offering, do you mean… …Milk Pudding,
Lime Rice and Yogurt Rice? l’m not talking about offerings
that are eatable, son. God’s offering means God’s gift. l am God’s gift?
Oh God, that sounds very serious. Can you please give me the details? You are a man that
doesn’t know fear. Your shout will be like a thunder. You are a trend setter
not a trend follower. You didn’t die and come here. You came here to
make Yama’s World dance. Sage, after hearing your dialogues… …my whole body is filled
with power like a superhero. Maintain that same power. l will. Lord Yama, you cut
my love story short in half way. You will have no peace
till this movie ends. Go ahead, human. Nobody can stop you now. Go! How can l go?
l don’t know this place at all. How do l reach Yama’s World? Very simple. ln your world, there are
four directions and several ways. But here there are only two ways. The Earth is down
and Yama’s World is up. Really? How should l
go to Yama’s World now? Don’t ask me questions? Your love has the power
to show you the way. Wish for it with sincerity. You will reach your destination. Go! Thank you. Narayana! Where is he? The Lord looks very
happy after a long time. Did you show your strength
on madam after a long gap? Hey! l’m happy because
l got rid of that stupid human… …on the way and brought
my daughter back home. l agree that you got rid of him. But can your daughter
stay without him? Can you really stop her? What did you say?
There’s nothing l can’t do. That’s why l shut
her up in a secret place. What is it?
ls it applause for my victory? Enough of your laughing. lt was a quake that
said that the human is here. My dear father!
As this place is new to me… …you thought l’ll get lost like
a kid in the market, didn’t you? You are in my world,
you can’t escape from here. What? Who said anything
about escaping? l’m not leaving this place
without Yamaja. What did you say? You can do that if you know
where my daughter is. First find her and then
you can take her with you. You can do nothing but talk. What did you say?
Did you say l can’t do anything? This is a test of love,
not a test of proving yourself. But if you insist,
let me tell you something. Your daughter left your world
and came to Earth for me. Why didn’t you do anything then? Forget that you sent
your son and Chitragupta… …to bring back your daughter
that fell in love with me. Why didn’t they do anything? How can you challenge me? You came on the buffalo
to kidnap your own daughter. What were you able
to do at that time? Without any vehicle
facility or a passport… …or a trip to the airport,
didn’t l catch hold of the animal’s tail… …and travel through
the other worlds to come here? Didn’t you see what
l can actually do? Now you are asking me
to find my darling that you hid. l’ll do that and defeat
you completely. Any doubt? You have the past,
but l have the present and the future. Hello! Even defeat is yours, father. My coming here is
your first and present defeat. He is the right man! l’ll see you later. Oh no! This man made
even Lord Yama dance to him. lf he catches me
my garland will fall to the ground. Control your tummy, uncle. Chitragupta! – Yes, Lord?
– Why is that human so overconfident? He is an extraordinary human, Lord. He doesn’t have enough
flesh in his body. But he has love for your daughter… …and the courage
to make her his own. Those two weapons are
enough to give him victory. That’s impossible! lt is possible. Narayana! This is not the time
to get angry or scream. lt is better to be patient. What did you say?
What did you say? Did you forget
what will come after… …the tenth day from today? – Eleventh day.
– Stop your calculations. Am l wrong? l didn’t ask the number.
Which day is that? Sunday, a New Moon day. So? Since that human has
the same powers as us… …you can do nothing but
hear when he speaks or argues. But did you forget
that this New Moon day… …Gods of Eight Directions
are going to unite their powers? So what? Give that human,
a taste of your power. Until then, that human
will make him dance to his tunes. Yes, even if he dances
or makes you dance… He needs to shut
his mouth and sit. Chitragupta! He said that, Lord. Narayana! This looks like
a family pack. Who is she? She’s equally
beautiful as my darling. Why is such a glamorous woman
in this frame? ls she an aunt? Maybe. l need to change
this aunt into an antenna… …that will telecast
my love program successfully. Who is it? l’ll tell you that.
But ladies first. Who are you? l’m Lord Yama’s… Younger daughter, right? l correctly recognized
that you are Yamaja’s kid sister. No, l’m not Yamaja’s kid sister. Are you her older sister? You don’t look older to her.
Please tell me the truth. Are you kidding me? No, l’m Lord Yama’s wife, Aiyo. Oh God! Oh dear God! What’s wrong? Such a beautiful
and delicate woman… …like you is Lord Yama’s wife? Oh God! This is totally unfair! Sons of Gods! Sages! Angels! ls there nobody to question this? All of them went to do their duties. You were born in
a wrong place, mother. Had you been born on our Earth… …you would’ve been a top heroine. K. Raghavendra Rao wasn’t
fortunate enough to cast you. Otherwise he would’ve hit you with… …all varieties of fruits
and flowers in all the body parts. Why is that? To showcase your glamour, mother. All young directors will
fall at your feet for your call sheets. Hmm. Does that mean a yes? That wasn’t a yes, it was a sigh. lt doesn’t suit you, mother. The sound of a sigh doesn’t
suit your skin tone at all. How are you staying
with that hard-hearted man? Do you know what you’ve
lost because of him? l know. But what’s the use? A bud will blossom into a flower. Can a flower turn back into a bud? You used a clever dialogue
that can’t be censored. You are a beauty with brains. Father is pressing you down
with his cunning character. ls he pressing me down? Yes, mother.
l’ll give you an example. Mr. Brahma gave his wife Saraswati… …a lotus to sit on
and his wholehearted love. – What about Manchu Vishnu?
– What? l mean your Vishnu. ln every form he takes
he has his wife besides him. Yes. Lord Shiva turned
his life partner Paru… …into half his body and
gave a new life to concept of love. Yes. All Goddesses are
in the top positions… …and are being
worshipped by people. You don’t have any temples
or coconuts as offerings. How can you bear this? What else can l do?
lf we dig up the past… …we’ll be left with nothing
else than ditches, son. That’s right. But how did you know
that l’m your son-in-law? Because you lovingly called
me mother so many times. You have blessed me even though… …he didn’t accept
me as his son-in-law. That is enough for me, mother. But he hid my
Yamaja somewhere. You might know the place.
Please tell me. l don’t know that, son. l haven’t seen my daughter
from a long time. l’m worried about her. You don’t worry, mother. lf l apply pressure on father… …he’ll definitely give out
the details about Yamaja. Please bless me, mother. l’ll see you later. Aiyo, how did
that human come here? He came through the door. Why did you let him come? Why didn’t you throw him out? Did l ever throw you out? No. But l’m your husband. He’s my daughter’s husband. Oh! Hey, listen… Wives are the same in any world. They never listen to
their husbands. l should be careful
as that Narada said. l shouldn’t let even
a thread enter my doors. What did l do? Why did
you bring me to Yama’s World? By the way, who is here? Young Lord is here. Who? Chandra Babu
Mohan Babu or Bali Babu? None of them.
He is our younger Lord. Younger Lord? Please come. Did you forget me, son? Yes, l got it. l dressed you up as a woman
in the shopping mall, right? Yes, Silk Dada. Did you die before me and come here? You died and came here. Yama’s World is Lord’s native place. He is the son of Lord Yama. What? Younger Lord Yama? l’m very sorry, Lord. l didn’t know that you
are a citizen of Yama’s World. So, l humiliated you on the Earth. l liked the way you
humiliated me on the Earth. So, l’ve decided to
bestow honor on you here. Honor? Lord, you are not
like the other lords. lt’s like Karna
was born to Lord Yama. – Guards! Prepare to honor him.
– Do it quickly. Please come, Silk Dada. – l’m coming.
– Welcome. What is this water for? ln Yama’s World, you need
to bathe before being honored. You need to bathe with perfume. – ls this perfume?
– Of course. Then young girls will
bathe me right? Call them. We don’t have girls here. Bring the mug. Why do you walk as
if you are carrying a corpse? Your mug. Why did you give me a spoon? You should bathe with that. Are you out of your mind? Yes, l’m out of my mind. This spoon has a hole. You need to bathe with that. l don’t want your honor. 100 whip strokes,
if you don’t like it. Tell me whom l should hit. You will be hit with a whip. Now l understood that
you’ll honor me with revenge. That’s right. Oh God! Yes, enjoy the whipping. l’m very happy today. That’s enough, fat fellow. Sinner! l saw your wife
on Earth by accident. But you’ve tortured me
so much for that. That was your Earth.
But this is my world. Torture him! Father! You hid my darling just like… …the Maoists hide atom bombs. That funny man caused
all this trouble. He is such a fool. Dangerous! Dangerous! Hello, Muni Sharma! Stop! l’m not Muni Sharma,
l’m Michael Jackson. Michael Jackson?
You are dressed like him. But something is definitely fishy. Nothing is fishy, man.
l’m purely Michael. Narayana! Narayana? l caught you! Narada! l’ll break your bones. Even if you dress up,
a rickshaw as a Benz car… …it will still be a rickshaw. Sorry. What is your problem? There are heroes like
Pawan Kalyan and Mahesh Babu… …on the Earth.
Then why did you choose this… …Allari Naresh to be
the hero in your movie? Actually, l was curious
to see what happens… …when the Earth and
Yama’s World become relatives. When l was searching
for the leading man… …l thought you would
suit the role very well. Why are you going
around in disguise? What can l tell you? l was the director
for all the past episodes. l was afraid that Lord Yama
and you will beat me up. lf we were on Earth,
l would have fed you to the dogs. But l won’t do that now
because… …you got me a superb
marriage proposal… …that no marriage
bureau could’ve offered. lf you want to be totally free,
you’ve to do me a favor. What is that? You have to tell me
where my Yamaja is. l don’t have another option. Lord Yama hid his daughter
in his own weapon… …so that nobody can
see her or bring her out. Oh God! He looks
like a malnourished man. But he is very intelligent. ls there no way
l can meet Yamaja? – There are two ways.
– What are they? Option one, you go in.
Option two, she comes out. That’s so foolish. l need her father’s entry
pass for both the options. You don’t need a pass
if you attack on his weakness. Really? What is that weakness? Lord! This sinner’s
name is Mrs. Kanya. She trapped many
rich men with her beauty,… …made videos of their
lustful activities with her… …and looted them
of all their wealth. lt is not wrong to give her
the severest of punishments. Send her to heaven
without any punishment. Lord? She gave heavenly
pleasures to many men. lt is only fair
to send her to heaven. She did business with
her body to gain profits. That is fair. The law changes for ladies. Send her to my room
before sending her to heaven. For what? l need to teach her
some important things. Wow! Travelling on the buffalo
made him like one. l’ll become a female
to play with your weakness. Mr. Narada, dress change. Chitragupta! l can see golden pumpkins
behind those bushes. They are not pumpkins… She is a beautiful young woman. No, Chittu! She’s a big woman. Hey, when l am walking in the street with
flowers in hair bun, finger on my cheeks… Kevvuu Kekaa. The entire street is going crazy. Lord, she’s hot. Who are you looking for? l’m looking for a thief
who stole an important part. Who is that thief? Lord Yama! – Lord Yama? ls he a thief?
– Hey! Don’t you know him? l know him very well.
When he robbed my heart… …l captured his image in my eyes… …and stored it in
all the parts of my body. When did that disgusting
incident take place? ln my dreams. Why didn’t you recognize him
when he’s right before you? No, he’s not that man. Since her eyes were
closed while dreaming… …she is not able to recognize me. No. Just like the three
faced lion on one rupee coin,… …l remember his face very well. He looks like NTR with thick
curly hair in a well fitted suit. Beauty! Don’t worry,
l’ll fulfill your desire. No, you can’t satisfy me. l meant that
l’ll fulfill your desire… …by sending Lord Yama to you. l’m so happy to hear that. Come to my garden
at the same time tomorrow. Okay. Forget him, come to
my guesthouse… – Chitragupta!
– l’m coming. Not just on Earth
even here women have no freedom. Do l look like NTR in this getup? Why to compare him with you? Yes, l’m incomparable. You understood it that way? Yes. Chittu, no one
should know this secret. The secret about this suit? No, my encounter
with that beauty. Oh! – Will my Sir come searching me?
– He’ll definitely come – Will he give me his heart?
– He’ll give me undoubtedly – Will my Sir come searching me?
– He’ll definitely come – Chitragupta!
– Yes? – Go and hide behind those bushes.
– What about you? l’ll impress that
beauty with my words. l’ll measure her with my eyes. l’ll embrace her in my arms and… Go ahead. – Lord!
– Yes? lf you permit me,
even l want to do that. No! Only Yama! Come, father! l’ll make you
dance with my beauty. Priya! That same voice. He had that same disgusting
voice earlier as well. Darling, l’m here. He’s afraid that she’ll fall for me. What’s the matter, darling? When l saw my dream
man before my eyes… …l lost control
of myself and fainted. What did you say? Since you desire me,
l left everything behind… …and came to you
to fulfill your desires. l hope l won’t get pregnant. No way. He got a vasectomy. Nothing will happen to you, Priya. My name is not Priya. l forgot to ask your name. Because you were filled with lust. – What is your name?
– Katrina Kaif. Not just your body,
even your name is so beautiful. Naughty boy! Wow! – Darling!
– Naughty! l think he’ll
get tired with all the running. Wife on one side,
Kaif on the other side. Lord! Stop! l can’t stop. l said stop! Chitragupta! l didn’t mean
to disrespect you, Lord. Your wife is coming this way. Kaif! Go quickly and hide. – Shall l hide here?
– No. Are there no rooms here? This weapon is the right place. What are you saying? l’ll suffocate to death inside that. Kaif, just see what l can do. Oh God! The exterior was just
one meter and a half. But the interior
is one kilometer long. Where will l search for my Yamaja? Aiyo! Who are you? How dare you address
me as my husband? You’ll turn to ashes if l curse you. Aiyo! l’m your husband!
Look carefully. What is this getup, my Lord? l got to know that a sinner
escaped from prison. So l came in this disguise
to catch him. That’s it. Why did you come here at this hour? What kind of a question is that? You sent a messenger
and asked me to come here. Me? Oh, yes! l felt that l was neglecting you
because of my duties. So, l planned to
spend this day with you. l found you. Hi! Who are you? l’m your lover’s lover. He came to this world for you
but l came for him. Stop it! He is my husband. l’m his future wife. What did you say? lf you say yes,
we three can live happily together. What? You with my husband? Husband! What is this disgusting getup? – Don’t l look good?
– No. You’re the Man of courage and caliber.
This flowery beauty is yours, accept it. You are the star in the sky and flow of love.
Pleasantries arrive, come and join me. Taste the nectar, oh honey-bee! To fulflll the desires in me,
l’ll come and join with you. You’re the Man of courage and caliber.
This flowery beauty is yours, accept it. Oh my star! Getting aroused by the feelings.
The beauty found its company. Making love with you slowly
will take you to the magic world. Getting aroused by the feelings,
the beauty found its company. Making love with you slowly
will take you to the magic world. Luck knocks at the door of mine.
l’ll come and join as your pair. l crossed the limits of the world.
You are my breath of life. Oh my dear…! You’re the Man of courage and caliber.
This flowery beauty is yours, accept it. Oh my star! Don’t know why my mind gets disturbed. Sorrow…anger…wrath.
Would lose them with my hug. Don’t know why my mind gets disturbed. Sorrow…anger…wrath.
Would lose them with my hug. The dame is ready.
For the game is about to start. Come, my beloved!
l’ll get rid of your sorrows. My mind and body fly on high.
Never experience this before. The festival day has come.
l was waiting so long. l am a pious girl. l have only your thoughts
and admire only you in my mind. l’ll stay in you as the moon-light
and bring the joy and happiness. l’ll be your better half
and live many a births. – Chitragupta!
– Wait a minute. Narayana! Narada! You? How is Lord’s romance? This couple looks so good
in different postures. lf an older couple
can be so romantic… …l’m sure the younger
couple inside the weapon… …must’ve crossed all their limits. The younger couple
inside the weapon? But they both are women. You don’t have to
bite your tongue or nose. l know everything. You know it? Does that mean
that Lord is in trouble? The trouble has just started. The person inside the weapon is… …not a young woman that
caught Lord’s attention. That person is the human
that Yamaja loves. The one that will
teach your Lord a lesson. The one inside is not Katrina? No, it’s him. As soon as your Lord sees a sari… …he pounces to embrace
it without checking… …if it’s really a female or a male. That human is with
Yamaja inside the weapon. – Really?
– Lord! Are you out of your mind? lf not, you’ll lose your mind
after hearing this. The one inside is
not Katrina, it’s him. Lord, what’s the matter? Dear, you go home. l have information
about that sinner. l need to go and punish him. Hey, Human! l think your father knows. What is it, father? Did you go into a shock
when you found out that l’m here? You could go inside by fooling me. But you cannot come out. You are proud thinking
that you’ve captured me. But you are forgetting
that l’m in your daughter’s arms. We didn’t go to honeymoon
after our wedding. My body is craving for her. Lord, he is a man full of desires. He’ll get to work and make
you a grandfather very soon. l mean, even your daughter
doesn’t seem to mind. lt would be better
to bring them out. Father, do you know something? Love is like a lucky draw. Not everyone gets it. But you can’t stop
someone from getting it. So stop your nonsense,
book a grand function hall… …and arrange for a marriage
reception party for us. All the worlds will
applaud both of us. You for making me
your son-in-law… …and me for marrying
your daughter. Hey, l’m Yama! l’m Naresh! l’m Chitragupta! Enough of the stupid
introductions. Yours is not love, it is deception. Don’t be so happy because
you’ve won with deception. You’ll be ruined because
l’ll win tomorrow! l heard you.
Now l’ll give you a super challenge. You will agree that
my love is true love. You will give
your daughter’s hand to me. You will wash my feet.
That’s a challenge. That won’t happen even if l die. You don’t die, you kill others. Hey, no logic. l won’t let that happen at any cost. lt will definitely happen. Why did you bring me here? Are you going to whip me again? We’ll show you a cricket match. Cricket? l want to play. Our Lord will play with you. No one ever won a match against me. Our Lord has never lost a match. What’s the bet? lf you win, you can go back
to Earth and be with your wife. l like that. What if l lose? l’ll go to Earth and… Shut up! That’s impossible! l won’t lose even if l die. You came here after dying. The Earth should defeat Yama’s World. What is he doing?
How can he sit and bat? That’s the style of our Lord. Last time he batted while crawling. Wow! That is Yamaganda! Catch the ball! That’s cheating! That’s the style of our Lord. He is like a bull in
form and his bat is flexible. l condemn this rubbish game. A bat should be like a bat. – Okay.
– Ball, please. Thank you. Stop! Why should l get up for this?
l’ll sit and bat. l got it. l got it. Wickets! Come to me. Run! Run! Run! Run! What is this nonsense?
l won’t catch the ball! Oh God! 25,000 runs? Sachin Tendulkar can’t
make so many runs… …even if he plays
throughout his life. Chittu! The poor man is discouraged. l’ll declare the innings. What? He talks as if he
played a gentleman’s game. What bowling do you want?
Fast or spin? He can’t run fast with his body. l want fast. How can you bowl
sitting on the buffalo? That’s the style of our Lord. l can’t handle that much speed. Then l’ll bowl spin. That’s better. Why is he coming in
a palanquin like a bride? Why is the ball jumping
this side and that side? Oh God! You are finished! Lord! Lord! Yes? lt’s time to punish the sinners. Even this crown feels
heavy because of that human. Why worry about it?
Keep the crown at home… Chitragupta! Your weird behavior shows
that you are scared of him. No! l’m just being careful. They both mean the same. lf you think about him
and stay back… …the queue of sinners
will stretch to the other worlds. l should make sure that the human… …doesn’t come here in my absence. Son Yamaganda! Greetings, father! May you life forever! Son, l want to give you
a responsibility. Give it to me, father. He is stretching
his hands thinking that… …responsibility is
some kind of eatable, Lord. – ls it not?
– No! Don’t worry, father. Leave your worries with me. lf he comes anywhere
near this house… …l’ll squeeze him with my hands… …and stamp him under
my legs and finish him off. Will you eat him as well? That’s my style.
l’ll eat anything to do my duty. Yamaganda, don’t eat anything you see. Father, what is this?
Non-vegetarian food? No, it’s a fruit from Earth. A fruit? – You should peel the skin
before eating it. – Okay. And you should throw this part. Okay. – Son!
– Yes? Be careful of the human. l’ll take care of him father.
Please go. What is it, Lord?
ls the crown irritating you again? lt’s not enough to give
this responsibility to Yamaganda. We should know whether
he is doing it well or not. We’ll know it
when that human comes. l’ll go to Yamaganda
in that human’s form to test him. This fruit doesn’t taste so bad. Hey! Where are you going, human? l know you very well. Don’t play your tricks with Yamaganda. Do you think l’m, a fool like my father… …that you can
deceive, me and go inside? l’m afraid of your father, not you. Do you know something? My father is scared of me. l’m warning you to turn back. Otherwise l’ll use my weapon,
and bury you in the wall. No, l’ll go back. You should be afraid of me. Oh God! Father! Please forgive me, father. l threw that peel as
l didn’t know it was you. He has broken bones. Hey! Son, l’m proud of you. Why? Because you had a fall? No, l’m proud of the way
he handled his responsibility. l’m very proud to be his father. Now l can fulfill
my duties with courage. Chitragupta, come. Father, you are a clever man. But l know how to deal with you. Wait! Son, didn’t you recognize me? Of course l recognized you, father. Why did you come back so early?
Did you finish the meeting? No, my heart is broken. Did you come to test me again? l have faith in you. l came here because
l doubt your mother and sister. Father! You fool! l didn’t mean that doubt.
Slap yourself. l came in that human’s form to test… …whether they are
as strong as you. Please go ahead. Thanks, brother. Wait! What did you say? l’m in that human’s form now. That’s right.
Please go inside. Wait! The peel. l want your sister. Why did he say that? Narayana! What is it, troublemaker? Narada, why are you here? l came here to give you
some important information. l won’t listen to you. Your wish.
No one can save your family. Wait a minute. What’s the matter? Tell me. l won’t tell you.
l’m not in the mood now. Please tell me, Narada. l will tell you
because l still respect you. That human is making
your fears come true. Husband! Son, that musical
instrument is very good. l’ve heard a variety
of flutes and trumpets before. But l’ve never seen this one. lt’s a mouth organ, mother. lt’s a musical instrument that has… …romantic heroism on our Earth. Heroes like us impress
heroines like you with this. Teach me how to play that organ. – Me too.
– Okay. l’ll teach you both
at the same time. Lord, he is playing
with you and them as well. He is your son-in-law after all. Oh my aunt! Daughter of aunt!
l’m ready to dance smoothly. Oh daughter of Yama!
l’m ready to show my skills completely. The mother exhausted with her movements. But the daughter yearns for more. Love the pleasure of both their company. Oh my aunt! Daughter of aunt!
l’m ready to dance smoothly. Oh daughter of Yama!
l’m ready to show my skills completely. Make the fete here. Make me scream, you naughty!
Defeat me deftly! l’ll offer you all my beauty, my beau! Mesmerise us, oh man!
Make us lose control, my boy! Oh admirer of love!
Come and delight us. Seeing gorgeous aunt’s beauty,
my mind sings ringa ringa. Sensing scented daughter’s beauty,
my mind craves for her love. You are the suitable
son-in-law to this aunt. Oh my aunt! Daughter of aunt!
l’m ready to dance smoothly. Oh daughter of Yama!
l’m ready to show my skills completely. Oh son-in-law! Your pinching provokes me.
Progress without any delay. Be as my pet for long.
l’ll satisfy your needs…go. Okay…that’s it! Show me your skills. Oh my aunt! Give me something.
lt should churn my heart. You are still attractive. Don’t flatter me. Play the game, hunt the beauty.
Don’t hesitate, enjoy me fully. l’ll make you climb the nuptial bed. Chitragupta! l thought it was her. l just can’t forget
that song and dance. Not just you,
even l can’t forget it. Madam danced so well. Chitragupta! Yes, Lord? Give me that drink.
My head is hot with anger. That drink won’t work
if your head is hot with anger. So, l got this. What is that? lmported scotch whisky from Earth. We can forget our worries
if we drink this. We can even trouble
the people that depend on us. Even you have a drink. How can l drink before you? Respect me before others,
not before a drink. Go ahead. You are kind. l have devotion for you. l have respect for you. l have hatred for you. Hey! – Yama!
– Yama? You forgot me, the man beside you… …and gave a human
the chance to defeat you. Pathetic man! Do you know whom you are talking to? Shut up! What is
so great about you? He is drunk. A genius like me should
get your drinks in secret? Should l get you
the woman you desire? lf l sit on that throne,
l won’t have figures to punish you. Where is the drink?
Did you finish it? The drink is finished. Did l ever answer your
questions in that manner? l poured you another drink. Come on. Oh God! l unnecessarily
messed with that fat fellow. lf l get caught,
he’ll show me hell in his own style. lt’s better to hide here.
No one can find me here. Tell me what you did for me. Because you ill-treated me
a human called Naresh… …came from Earth to
deal with you and your family. He doesn’t know that
he has no destiny yet. lf he finds out that
he has the same powers as you… …you’ll be completely ruined. You and your family will
have to bear the consequences. – What? l have the powers of Gods?
– Yes. Anything l say will be fulfilled? l’m trying to fool
my father-in-law… …and you are trying
to fool me in turn. Just use your logic
and think about it. Even though you are
messing with Lord Yama… …he’s not able to do anything.
What’s the reason? Think deeper. How could
you come here before dying? Because of my love. That happens only in the movies.
This is real life. You can test it to confirm it. Command me to go back to Earth.
See if l go. Go back to Earth. Not just your mouth
even my brain has power. Silk, it’s been so long
since l saw you last. Adorn your hair with
jasmine and be ready for me. Come up. Why am l going up again? Why did l come here again? Naughty boy! Can’t l bring you up
if l can send you down? That’s correct. Since you gave me such great news… …you have to see my next step. Another step? Father, wait and watch
how l’ll trouble you. Lord, l think l got drunk and… …spoke disrespectfully
to you last night. Yes, you… No, you didn’t open
your mouth at all. – But l think…
– Not at all. – l can’t remember.
– There’s nothing. – Please tell me, Lord.
– l will tell you. Lord, you’ll fall down. Hi, Moms! What will you say? He said he’ll say something. Human, please tell me quickly. l have equal powers with Gods. l remembered. You did, didn’t you? Our drinks have the power
to filter the lies… …and bring out the truth. lt made me say
without my own knowledge. Hey! There’s no use giving
him those looks. lt only increases
your blood pressure, that’s it. Now he knows
that he has your powers. Darling! My darling wife! Om Yama! Om Hero Honda! Yamaja darling! Yami! Husband! Mother! Son! – Lord!
– Yes? l thought he had only one wife.
But even your wife… Even she… Shut up! Welcome, son! This house lit up with your arrival. Hey, Human! Get out! Mother, he is asking me to get out. lgnore him.
Make yourself comfortable. l will definitely teach him a lesson. That’s why l’m here. You are very mischievous. Mom, l like his mischievous nature. Aiyo! Go inside. Let’s go, son.
We’ll talk while having food. Okay. What is happening here? Why is he playing these games? No matter how hard l try,
l can’t forget the humiliation. Am l a toy in that human’s hands? l’m the King of Yama’s World. l’m God of Death
for humans aren’t l? How can l stand quietly
like some statue? Lord, tomorrow you’ll have the powers… …to put an end
to that human’s drama. So, please calm down today. Get your powers tomorrow. Will you move aside? Why? Will you clean
the throne with that cloth? l put that there so that
l can sit on that throne. – Hey, l’m Yama!
– This is a kerchief. Whoever puts that in
the seat first should take that seat. You can ask our transport
system about its capacity. This is not your government’s
transport system. This is the authority
of my government. Today is a day off for your authority. Because the seat and
the authority belong to me. Lord, tomorrow
you’ll have the powers… …to put an end
to that human’s drama. So, please calm down today. Get your powers tomorrow. Gupta! Did you call me, Lord? How do l look in this getup? You look like
Lord Yama on a diet. Gupta! Shut up and sit down. Chitragupta! lt’s no use talking after
the high command’s orders. Here kerchiefs and
seats have more value. Well said, Gupta. Read the cases.
l’ll give ultimate tips. His name is Siddharta. He put his head
on the railway tracks. What’s the matter, brother? My girlfriend’s dad
is getting her married… …to someone else tomorrow. So you died today and came here? lsn’t eloping better than death? Look, brother!
You died just once. But that girl will die every day
in an unwanted marriage. Go! Slap your father-in-law
if he stops you. Okay? lt’s not enough to
have a heart to love. You need to have
the courage to win your love. – Chitragupta!
– Yes, Lord? Send him down immediately. – That’s not possible.
– Why not? – Rules of the book.
– Throw it in the bin. You can go. Next. A drunk driver killed these
school children with a truck. Yama! You are too much! lf you had killed that
drunk driver 5 minutes earlier… …these kids would’ve been
happily playing with parents. Don’t you care about their pain? Don’t you have mercy
or common sense? Human, life and death
are decided by Creator. That’s enough. He writes
whatever comes to his mind. And you guys go
and take their lives. Why can’t you give
equal lifespan to everyone? Creator decides their
lifespan based on… …their acts in
their previous lives. Their previous lives? You destine that they
should do those mistakes. And you kill them
for doing those mistakes. You are playing
cricket with our souls. This is what you do, right? Do you think
nobody will question you? l’m giving you the answer. And that is, l’ll give
100 years lifespan to everyone. l’ll do justice to my people. l’m Yama! Human, what do you
know about destinies? ln the first birth, everyone
is destined to a full lifespan… …with complete knowledge. But humans selfishly
use that knowledge… …to destroy the society
and commit sins. Those sins become curses
for the next life… …and they get punished
in hell for committing them. You said it is wrong
to take the lives of children. The sins of their parents
in their previous lives… …are responsible for
the deaths of these children. You know nothing
about these things… …because you are a mere human. Just because you have
equal powers with Gods… …you became arrogant
and played games with me. But today l’m more
powerful than you. Even with all this power,
l can’t harm you. You have no death
as you have no destiny. But your father and
brother have destinies. See what will happen to
your family in the next 3 days. See this as well. Did you see their destinies? They will meet their
deaths in the next 3 days. Lord Yama! Please don’t do that.
l beg of you. Fool! lt’s my duty
to fulfill destinies. You cannot stop death,
just as you cannot stop time. Please don’t say that. Only you have
the authority to stop death. My only mistake was
to fall in love with your daughter. l’ll kill my love for
your daughter right before you. But please don’t harm my family. You can take my life if you want. As long as you have those powers… …no one has the authority
to take your life. l don’t want any powers, Lord Yama.
Take them away. My father and brother
are the pillars of my family. Please don’t be unjust
to my family by taking their lives. l can only fulfill
the destinies that are written. l don’t have the authority
to change them. l will save my family.
Give me one chance, Lord Yama. You have no powers now. You can’t do anything
even if you go back to Earth. lt’s impossible to save them. No, Lord! Since l know
what is going to happen… …l’ll save them by
not letting them go there. Give me 3 days time.
After that you can take my life. Okay, l’ll accept your request. Go. Son… What’s wrong?
Why are you so worried? Son… Please forgive me.
This is your world. l came to a place
where no human can come. But l’m still a human.
l can never be equal to you. That’s why l’m leaving
this place forever. Can you please call Yamaja? My mom believes that
if we see Yamaja’s face… …before going anywhere
everything will be a success. l should succeed.
My mom’s belief should come true. l’ll come with you. You can’t come. You married me.
l’m your wife. No! How can l get married
when l have no destiny? What do you mean?
Will you leave my hand? My family is in your hands, Yamaja. l’ve to leave their
hands to hold your hand. Should l leave them? Your hands tied a bundle
at the Goddess’ temple… …wishing for their welfare. Can you wish badly for them? Since you got a taste
of their affection… …you left my hand
to save them from harm. l’m their son. What can l leave? That’s why l left my life. Naresh! Listen! Our son is here. Our son is here? Where have you been all these days? Actually… Why are you asking
him that question? He must’ve gone to another
town for his dramas. Yes, dad. l finished the drama. Didn’t it occur to you that
we’ll be worried about you? He’ll inform us only
when he has concern for us. You were missing
from home for 10 days. l wonder whether
you ate well or not. Make his favorite dishes for him. Your exams are approaching. lf you don’t pass this time
you’ll not get another chance. The syllabus will change next year. Yes, dad. The syllabus will change. This is my last examination. Whatever is destined
will take place. By the way,
where is the servant girl? She didn’t come back
from the temple that day. She won’t come back, mom.
Her father took her with him. Brother! Hey, where were you all these days? Forget that. Why are you worried? No, l’m fine. No, brother. Something is wrong. No. l was a bit worried
about you in your absence. Brother, where are you wife and kids? She went to see her parents.
She’ll come in 2 days. The shirt. Light blue shirt. l can’t find my scooter keys.
Where did you keep them? Where did you keep them?
Why can’t l find them? l kept them right here
but l can’t find them now. Why did you come running? Nothing, dad. You said
you can’t find the scooter keys. Yes, l can’t find them. l’m getting late for school. Mom, you search there. Okay, l’m getting late.
l’ll take the bus. Goodbye, son. Dad! You should say,
l’ll see you later. – Okay, l’ll see you later.
– Yes. Dad! Oh God! Dad! Look at me. Father! What’s wrong? – What? ls he your father?
– Yes. Why did you commit
suicide from my bus? Suicide? Yes, he jumped out of the bus. Dad… Why did you do that
foolish thing, dad? Why did you try to commit suicide? Why did you do that, dad? Because l’m a father. Every father desires to see
their sons become capable. Even l had that desire. But… God didn’t give me that chance. You are roaming around
without any responsibilities. One of my eyes was
blinded long back. But l didn’t worry about it. Do you know why? l was happy to see
the world with one eye. That one eye is my older son. l can’t bear it if something
happens to that eye. What are you talking about, dad? Hey! What are you doing? Leave me, dad. Get down. l won’t life, l’ll die. First get down. lf something happens to you… How can we live if
something happens to you? What is this foolishness?
Why are you doing this? Look what happened. How can you deceive the bank? Royyala Naidu hates me
for sending him to prison. The ones who applauded me
for my honesty in the bank… …joined hands with Naidu
and forged some documents… …to show a deficit of, 2.5 million
rupees in the bank. They created strong
proof that l did that crime. l can’t prove my innocence, dad. There are only two ways. l have to pay back
that money or go to prison. l can’t do any of them. So… What brother did was wrong. But did you do the right thing, dad? l know that it’s not
the right thing. But l’ll have to die so
that he gets the insurance money. l sold our house but it
didn’t fetch 2.5 million rupees. We need another 300,000. Who will lend money
if we can’t pay them back? Don’t worry, dad.
l’ll arrange that money. l arrange the food you eat. You have the power
to make others laugh. But you don’t have
the power to earn money. l will really earn that money. l will do it, dad.
Please trust me. Who else will trust me if you don’t? Please, dad! Trust me. What should we do? l don’t know. But we should
somehow earn that money. Just say yes,
l’ll get the tools ready. For what? We’ll rob the very bank that
is creating problems for brother. We’ll settle this whole
matter in a single night. What do you say? lf everyone that needs
money steals it… …only thieves will
remain on this Earth. But… Hi, Naresh! How are you, man? l’ve been trying
to contact you since last week. You are… l’m Narendra, an event organizer. l transform stage shows
into albums and release them. l saw your performance last time.
lt was simply superb. Look, brother!
l need an ultimate program… …which is message oriented
and which touches the heart. Will you do it for me?
Don’t worry about the money. l will pay you whatever
you want in advance. Say yes. l’ll do it, sir. l’m a joker, not a lover. This is my heart. Let it be magic or illusion.
lt takes us to an unknown world. Yesterday is a waste paper.
Today is a news paper. Tomorrow is an question paper. Life is a book, fail to read it properly.
Can’t find answers for the troubles you face. And don’t get confused yourself. l am the laughter joker! Friend! Both our roles are different.
We’re born with pre-written destiny. This is purely the drama of life. Hardly we born and open our eyes.
Then began our life story. We should lead it forward. The director who makes us act.
The audience who praise our performance. ls none other than God Himself. He hides from our eyes.
But watches our antics. And assesses our good and bad deeds. Good performance makes you a good scorer. Get scared and fail and you become a joker. Good performance makes you a good scorer. Get scared and fail and you become a joker. l feel l’m seeing light after ages. But my body is burning hot. Sir, there’s air conditioning
in the car. Please get inside. Air conditioning
won’t solve the problem. That officer’s death
will cool me down. You have the power
to make others laugh. But you don’t have
the power to earn money. Before you close and open your eyes.
The time will pass in a jiffy. lt is His play.
He decides the start and the end. Should perform the characters given to us. Should fulfill our duties
as written in our fate. Parents gave life to this body. l am duty bound to repay them. Should make them happy
those who gave birth. Good performance makes you a good scorer. Fail in your duties and you become a joker. Do your duties perfectly.
Don’t be called as a joker. l accept you as my wife
before the five elements. Nothing you desire can be attained easily. No road to happiness is straight. Destiny can be altered
by parting from the love one. Will have to bear the pain
of the heart. Curse and remorse are
the only two ways out. The life must go on whatsoever… The play should be ended
without fully getting defeated. Perform the play to His likes,
you’ll be a good player. lf you perform otherwise,
you’ll become a joker. Perform the play to His likes,
you’ll be a good player. lf you perform otherwise,
you’ll become a joker. Fantastic! Brother! l paid back all the money. – Brother!
– The problem is solved. Okay. But why did you
wear this shirt? – What’s wrong with it?
– You didn’t have this shirt. Your sister-in-law brought it
for me while coming back. But why are you so worried? No, brother.
Take off that shirt right now. Officer! Brother, take off this shirt. – What are you doing?
– Just take off this shirt. l didn’t decide that l’ll kill him
if he has a shirt. l just decided that l’ll kill him.
That’s it. Brother! Oh God! Oh God! You can’t escape from me. l beg of you. Don’t kill me. Royyala Naidu set the trap. Brother, take off this shirt.
Come on. Brother, please take it off. Take it off, come on quick. Take it off, brother. ‘You fooled me by showing
only half truth, Lord Yama.’ Royyala Naidu! You are finished! Son! Son! Mom! Brother! ‘You gave me a chance
to save my family.’ ‘Thanks, Yama.’ Son! Son! l’m the guardian of this
invisible wheel of time. l decide the lifespan
of everyone in this universe. l give death and take lives. There is no power
that can stand against me. How can a mere human
stand against me? l made you write
your own destiny. l made you spell your own death. And then l took your life. l’m Lord Yama! What did you say? Will you make me
wash your feet? You died today and fell at my feet. Narada! You created all
this drama didn’t you? Look how l put an end to it today. Tell your creator to do
his duties sincerely from now. Are you proud of yourself? You’ve proved that
you are impartial… …by punishing humans
on Earth and you daughter too. You can be proud of yourself. – Aiyo!
– Yes, l’m Aiyo. l’m your wife Aiyo that
never spoke against you. But l question you today
as a mother of a daughter. Answer me. What sin did this human do? ls it a sin not
to misuse his powers? Or, is it a sin to
be born without a destiny? Don’t you know that
it was Brahma’s mistake… …that he didn’t write
this man’s destiny? Then how can you
punish him for that? ls it because humans
are below your feet? Or, is it because there
is no one above to punish you? The problem started
the day this human was born. Why didn’t you take that
into account that day itself? Are you punishing him today
because he loves your girl? Your whip that takes
lives is not great. Their love that gives life is great. That’s why he gave his life
to save his father’s life. He sacrificed his
love for your daughter. He left his powers
at your feet and left. You should be proud
that your daughter… …got a place in such
a loving man’s heart. Father, killing is your duty. So you killed him. You killed our love. Kill me as well, father. l don’t ask for anything
else as your daughter. Lord, we are used to giving
lovers an untimely death. lt doesn’t matter
if he is a man or your own daughter. Yes, father. She just asked you for one thing. At least fulfill
this one desire of hers. l love my sister very much.
Me as well… Husband, look into my eyes. Why can’t you look into my eyes? ls it because you did a mistake? Be it a human or a God,
they can’t look into the eyes… …of another person
when they do a mistake. l know that you are
stopping your heart. Otherwise why would you
have tears in your eyes? You can deceive your heart. But your eyes give you away. There’s nothing like that. Dust went into my
eyes and made them teary. Hey, Human! You know what’s the most powerful
weapon in the world? lt is love. You proved that
you can win over your neighbor… …the neighboring country
and even Lord Yama with it. Don’t stand before me.
Take my daughter and leave. You? Why did you come
after doing what you did? l came to do what needs to be done. – What is left to be done?
– Wedding. There are no auspicious
timings in this month. Shut up! Brahma himself
wants to get them married. Why do you need auspicious timing? The time fixed by Brahma
is very auspicious. What, Brahma? Brahma! What time
did you fix for that? – For what?
– l meant for that. We don’t need him for that.
We’ll fix it ourselves. Let’s go. That’s the story
of Yama’s son-in-law. He finished his intermediate exams… …and immediately
went for his honeymoon. But he got his honeymoon results… …before the intermediate results. Yeah! l think your father called him up. l told you. – My father.
– Yes, dad! You passed your exams. Really? – Your daughter-in-law is missing.
– What? l meant she is pregnant. – Am l going to be a grandfather?
– Yes. Yeah! Tell this to
your father-in-law as well. l told you since you have a phone. How should l tell him? Yami! That man is
going to your father. Let’s tell him. Hello, brother! Please do me a favor. Tell her father
that she is pregnant. What? Oh, sorry. You speak English, right? You tell Lord Yama that
his daughter is pregnant. Ask him to celebrate
this enjoyment, okay? Okay. He’ll give the message. We’ll request
to reduce his punishment.

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