Yes Yes Fruit Song | Learning Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

“Let’s go! The Farmees are having a fruits costume show!” I am a shiny apple Look I am red You can eat one right now Come on go ahead I am a banana Eat one with your meal You see I’m delicious Just don’t forget to peel We are a bunch of grapes Crunchy and sweet We taste better than candies You’re in for a treat We are strawberries Look we have seeds Juicy ripe and shiny We are fun indeed I am an orange orange I’ll help you exercise You can have me whole Or chew in a slice I am a water melon I’m juicy indeed You will love to eat me Just spit out the seeds

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  1. Hi Toddlers! Watch "Yes Yes Fruit Song" Learning Nursery Rhymes & Songs For Chidren by #Farmees and comment us below how much you all enjoyed while watching this song.

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