YOUR FAVORITE Bring It! Video of 2019: Miss D Competes in Coach Solo | Lifetime

is the final competition of the season. The Dancing Dolls are
going to be competing in the stand battle, and
I’m going to be competing in the coaches battle. Trying to balance competing
and coaching at the same time, it’s probably the worst
position to be in. Because you’re trying
to focus on yourself, but you’ve got to
focus on the team because they are the priority. Hopefully, everything with
me, it’ll work because I have had zero time to practice. [THEME MUSIC] ANNOUNCER: All right,
Coaches Solo coming up. [UPBEAT MUSIC] [CHEERING] I hope Miss Dianna
wins her solo, we get the [INAUDIBLE]
and Divas Olive Branch will vote for them,
take our trophies, and go home, just like that. In my mind, the only thing I
can think of is, don’t mess up, don’t mess up, don’t
fall, don’t kill yourself, don’t go overboard. But put on a show. You ready? Cause I’m ready. Everybody is watching you. Everybody is expecting
for you to get out there and do an amazing job. And if you don’t,
you’re not only going to let the
parents down, but you’re gonna let the team down. ANNOUNCER: Bringing the heat,
our final coach for this competition, you all know her. You better make some
noise for Miss D! DIANNA WILLIAMS: I
can only imagine now what the judges are thinking. Who in the hell does
Miss D think she is? I’m the head doll in charge. I’m going to make
sure that when I take this floor that
everybody in the building remembers my name. [UPBEAT MUSIC] (SINGING) Hit it hard! Hit it hard! Yeah. Hit it hard! Ooh. Hit it hard! Yeah. WOMAN: I feel sorry
for the other coaches, and I feel sorry most of
all for the dance floor. The dance floor is
going to burnt up. They might as well get
ready to replace it because there will be nothing
left when Diana finishes. (SINGING) Hit it hard! Ooh. Hit it hard! Yeah. Hit it hard! [CHEERING] WOMAN: Miss D was giving face. She had her little smile. She had her little swag. She was like the
complete package. (SINGING) Hit it hard! Ooh. DIANNA WILLIAMS: Going into the
whole competition this week, I– I had no time to
practice on my own solo. My nerves were so
racked with what I’m supposed to do, with the
girls for the stand battle, that I couldn’t focus on me. But I was able to get
up there and do what I needed to do and pull it off. (SINGING) Hit it hard! Yeah. Hit it hard! [CHEERING] WOMAN: When I saw Miss D do
that devil drop, I’m like, it’s all over with. [CHEERING] DIANNA WILLIAMS: I’m actually
extremely proud of myself. I did that toe touch,
and I’m still walking. I did everything that I
thought that I was supposed to do to represent the
team well and to channel all the energy from every one of
the girls that are on my squad. I just did what I felt
like I needed to do.

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  2. Kayla when she gave her thoughts then swallowed that gummy! I was in stitches, She is the bomb! Love her and Miss Ds love and support for each other too.👌🎉

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